Meet Jeremy Lukas

Occupation: US Senior Manager for Springfree Trampoline/goba Sports Group (Yes, I sell trampolines for a living, and love it!)

How long have you lived in Little Elm and what brought you here? 

Our family moved to Little Elm almost 4 years ago, just like many families new to the area within the past several years.  When considering cities in the north Dallas suburbs for work relocation, cost of living, public education, personal safety, outdoor amenities, and sense of community were all factors that led our family to where we are today.

What inspired you to run for town council? 

Living in District 5 in the Union Park community, I noticed real fast opportunities for action, including US380. My first notable action was formally addressing the 380 traffic and safety issue (I was neither the first nor last) with the appropriate area leaders. I penned formal letters based on collected feedback from community forums and responses to the involved government agencies, including House Rep. Jarred Patterson, on a multi-jurisdiction approach to alleviate immediate issues, as well as to be proactive ahead of the expansion. This was the catalyst needed that drives my conscientious pulse to the happenings and issues occurring in our District and city/county on a regular basis, leading to daily conversations/inquiries with our residents and area leaders. Likewise, I am inspired my wife (Kim) who serves as PTA president at Union Park Elementary, and the constant need for parent involvement and school-based programming, similar to a city/resident relationship.

What in your background prepared you for this responsibility? 

Through the years, I have gained a vast and extensive experience that translates, from working in professional sports to working for a private global corporation. Specifically for this candidacy, I served simultaneously on the Midland Sports Complex Development Corporation Board, a 4B tax funded multi-use, 65 mil USD sports complex, and the Hotel Motel Tax Advisory Board, working with both the city and complex officials on ensuring a positive net return each year, which ultimately allowed for a 15 year early pay-off/tax termination to the citizen. In Houston, I partnered with several of the City of Houston’s departmental offices, consulting and working alongside several of their notable USA hosted events (NCAA Final 4, Super Bowl, World Series), as well as managing the annual Houston Marathon. We were able to host satisfactory, cost-effective events while maintaining a high level of safety, job opportunities, and a positive economic impact to the city. Recently, I participated in and completed Little Elm's Citizens Government Academy, an educative experience on drilling deeper into the various functions of our town. As for my day-to-day job, I am a cross-functional senior leader who works with several departments in North America to ensure deliverance of a superior product and customer experience to our purchasing families while balancing a national P&L with a strong commitment to LEAN. Sound judgment, ability to listen and act, and most importantly leading with consistency are key traits that I will look to translate to the Town Council.

What do you hope to bring to this role? 

I have three pillars as a Town Councilman: Community Safety and the commitment to our citizens in their respective daily lives, Community Satisfaction and ensuring our residents have the provided opportunities, amenities, and programs to ensure a high quality of life rate, and Community Stewardship, fostering a community-first approach that encourages citizen participation, supports our public education systems, and drives confidence through our city expenditures.

What makes you different from other potential candidates? 

I am not seeking to be a career politician, quite the opposite; I am looking to be a facilitator for the community that I reside in, putting foot to pedal actionable plans that comes with the opportunities, issues, and challenges of an existing town booming into a growing city. At the local level one can make the greatest impact---I simply look to help lead and represent our people in doing so.

What would be your first action if elected for District 5? 

District 5 is geographically large and segmented between the jurisdiction lines and 380 corridor, so first I would assemble a citizens committee from the residential areas to help close the gap and to help create a sense of togetherness and empowerment, and then create a top three of pressing needs/opportunities for the district, taking those and comparing against the Town’s strategic plans and current projects at that time.  

What else do you want people to know about you?

 I am approachable, considerate, professional, yet like to have fun and probably share many interests with you. I enjoy all sports, including fantasy sports to where I am a commissioner of (3) long-term fantasy sports leagues, an avid RVer (we camp once a month), believe in working out 4-5 times per week (for physical benefits and mental sanity), enjoy singing (I sing on the worship team at Frisco First Baptist), collect Star Wars and Hot Wheels, and recently entered the no-turning-back Holiday Light Show hobby.