Lukas for Town of Little Elm District 5: Community Outlook and Vision

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District 5, Stand with me this Election Season!

As the Town of Little Elm continues to grow in geographic area and population, with the majority of the growth occurring in our very own District 5, it is imperative that we are facilitating and working with our area leaders to ensure that Safety, Satisfaction, and Stewardship are top of mind as we do life in our great town! Attentiveness, action-oriented, and consistent representation will be key as we continue to welcome new residents and commercial partners to Little Elm.


✔️Community Safety: We will maintain Little Elm as one of the safest places in Texas that continues to grow at a rapid pace!
➡️Stats Matter! Low Crime Rates through engaged, trained, and efficient law enforcement deployment strategies with involved neighborhood citizen programs.
➡️Seconds Matter! Fire, EMS, PD Response Times
➡️Kids Matter! Monitored School Zones. Safe cross-walks  and neighborhood streets complete with markings, signals, and signage. 
➡️380 Improvements Matter! Drive times, accessibility, and getting home safely!
✔️Community Satisfaction: We will provide the opportunities, amenities, and programming for sustainable quality of life.
➡️Locals Matter! Sensible commercial development, local biz support, and local activities. 
➡️Facilities Matter! Accessible and maintained community facilities for all ages.
➡️Community Matters! Bridging the old with the new in district 5 and the Town, all residents can share the "Town with a Lake Attitude".
➡️ Customers Matter! Residents/tax-payers are treated with top-notch customer service by our Town officials, employees, and departments. 

✔️Community Stewardship: We must foster a community-first approach that drives participation, support, and financial responsibility.
➡️Volunteers Matter! Engaging volunteer opportunities in our own community. District-driven volunteer opportunities & projects​.
➡️ Education Matters! Support and drive awareness to our three area school districts in District 5: Denton ISD, Frisco ISD, Little Elm ISD. 
➡️Money Matters! Monitor tax-funded projects dollars for appropriation. Balance and invest general funds into into town infrastructure and public services against top priorities of growing town. Identify and drive new revenue impact opportunities using current and upcoming commercial development and town facilities. 

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